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Some WCCHD services  are being provided remotely during business hours.

WCCHD Division directory Visit WCCHD Divisions page for more information and services offered by each Division. 

blue clock icon with no numbers WCCHD Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Some programs may have unique operating hours - check the calendar tabs for details.
Department Name Service Email Phone
Admin & Finance Procurement, business operation functions, and asset control 512-943-3600
Clinical Services – Cedar Park Provides preventive health care 512-943-3600
Clinical Services – Georgetown Provides preventive health care 512-943-3600
Clinical Services – Round Rock Provides preventive health care 512-943-3600
Clinical Services - Taylor Provides preventive health care 512-943-3600
Executive Leadership Team Executive Director, Deputy Director, Health Authority/Medical Director 512-943-3600
Environmental Health Food Permits, Food Establishment Inspection, Childcare & Foster Care Inspections, Spa & Pool Inspectections 512-248-7620
Emergency Preparedness and Response Responses to public health emergencies in Williamson County 512-943-3660
Epidemiology Disease Reporting EEP investigates and responds to disease outbreaks and collects and analyzes data. 512-943-3660
Human Resources Internships and Careers 512-943-3600
Integrated Vector Management protects the health of county residents from vector-borne diseases 512-943-3660
Marketing and Community Engagement Education classes, coordinating outreach events, managing Healthy Williamson County. 512-943-3600
Medical Reserve Corps A team of trained medical and non-medical volunteers 512-248-3215
Public Information Office Point of contact for media outlets 512-943-3600
Program Eligibility and Social Services PESS helps individuals screen for eligibility for healthcare programs. 512-248-3252
Quality & Strategic Management QSM supports WILCO through data, grants, quality, and performance management. 512-943-3600
Tuberculosis (TB) Offers diagnosis or treatment of TB 512-248-7651
WIC Cedar Park Provides WIC services 512-260-4241
WIC Georgetown Provides WIC services 512-943-3680
WIC Round Rock Provides WIC services 512-248-3254
WIC Taylor Provides WIC services 512-238-2109