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Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) is seeking public comments on proposed changes to the Williamson County Retail Food Order, which serves as the guiding set of rules for retail food establishments and food truck inspections in the county.  [View document with proposed changed highlighted]
The proposed changes include:

  • Clarification on definition of person.
  • Annual fixed-food permit renewal notices will be sent by December for following year.
  • All fixed-food permits (except schools) expire December 31st.
  • Mobile food permits expire 12 months after the issue date on permit.
  • Temporary food permits expire at the end of the event.
  • Changes to Noncompliance Enforcement Procedures:
    • First Failure within 12 months will result in education and mandatory reinspection.
    • Second Failure within 12 months will result in suspension of permit, posting of placards, and mandatory reinspection.
    • Third Failure within 12 months will result in suspension of permit, posting of placards, and revocation of permit.
    • While a revocation hearing is awaiting the scheduled date, a compliance reinspection may be requested.
  • WCCHD may impose conditions to remedy noncompliance and to ensure ongoing compliance with food safety regulations.
  • All conditions and requirements for a permit for a new food establishment must be met.
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WCCHD Environmental Health Division is dedicated to preventing illnesses due to environmentally-related diseases and injuries. We monitor and investigate environmental public health problems and serve as a community resource to educate people about environmental public health issues.

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