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About Williamson County and Cities Health District

The Williamson County and Cities Health District has provided public health services to Williamson County since 1943. Our Public Health Centers and offices are located in Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Taylor.

Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles
Our Vision:
Our shared vision is for WCCHD to lead Williamson County to be the healthiest county in Texas. We are:
• The recognized authority for unified health initiatives,
• Fully integrated and aligned with the communities we serve,
• The trusted countywide public health resource,
• A coalition builder, and
• A strategic and data-driven agency.

Our Mission:
In partnership with communities, WCCHD will promote and protect the health of the people of Williamson County.

Our Guiding Principles:
1. The highest standards of honesty and integrity will never be compromised for any reason.
2. All employees will be treated with respect and dignity.
3. High levels of competency and performance will be expected from all employees.
4. We will provide “World Class” customer service. We will make every effort to communicate what we can do for a citizen-customer, as opposed to what we cannot do.
5. We will work to continuously evaluate and improve the services that we provide to our clients.
6. We will enforce laws in a fair and equitable manner, always using as a standard “Does this action pass the test of common sense?”
7. The concept of teamwork, throughout the Health District, will be encouraged and expected.
8. We will solicit and encourage new ideas from all levels of the organization with the understanding that input from every employee is valuable.
9. We will cultivate partnerships and collaborate with individuals, groups, and agencies in the interest of improving public health services in Williamson County.
10. We will establish goals and routinely measure our performance.
11. We will be a flexible organization that can adapt to change as needed.
12. We will learn from our failures and celebrate our successes

Public health departments play an extremely important role in improving and protecting the health of individuals and communities.

Achieving accreditation helps ensure that we can deliver essential public health services to the public, such as preventing disease, ensuring access to safe food and water, immunizations, and preparing for and responding to health emergencies. The Williamson County and Cities Health District was one of the first public health departments in Texas to be awarded accreditation and re-accreditation status by the Public Health Accreditation Board.

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