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Food Service Inspections

The Environmental Health Services Division inspects food establishments to protect public health and prevent food-borne illness by ensuring rules are followed to maintain food safety.

The Retail Food Inspection team educates and inspects food and beverage establishments within Williamson County, TX based on the Williamson County Retail Food Order. Food establishments include restaurants, bars, convenience stores, mobile food units, temporary food booths, food service within childcare facilities, hospitals, or any entity that sells or gives away food and/or beverages.
The frequency of routine inspections are risk-based and depends on the processes used to prepare food in the establishment.

Information on mobile unit inspections can be found at:
Food safety inspection officers (FSIOs), also known as health inspectors or Sanitarians must meet state education and exam requirements before conducting food establishment inspections.

Inspection Scores

Open Records for Inspection Scores