Program Eligibility and Social Services

PESS can help assist individuals through the eligibility process.

Hours: Monday-Friday
7am - 6pm

Phone: 512-248-3252
Fax: 512-248-7639

Program Eligibility Screening


State and County benefits program helps people with little
 or no money who are in need
Call the Healthcare Helpline at 512-248-3252

 If you need medical help but have no insurance:
  • Call the Healthcare Helpline at 512-248-3252 to find out if you might qualify for the services listed below in Williamson County.
  • Through the Healthcare Helpline, residents are guided to available resources in the community. WCCHD does not provide all of these services directly. 

health   food
Health Care   Food Benefits
Helps to pay for doctor visits, dentists & hospitals. Pays for medicine prescribed by doctors and dentists.    Helps families buy food for good health through SNAP and WIC 
cash   support
TANF Cash Help   Support Services

Helps Families with children age 18 and younger pay for basic needs. 


Helps people with daily living needs, caregivers, and people with mental health, drug or alcohol issues.

Find Resources in Your Zip Code
Search for resources online by entering your zip code in the field to search for services related to food, transportation, education, job training and more. If you do not know your zip code, you can quickly find it here by entering your address.

Social Services
Healthcare Helpline  512-248-3252
Mental Health Services
Blubonnet Trails Community Services  - 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-800-841-1255