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Board of Health

The Williamson County Board of Health is the administrative authority for the Health District. The member governments that form WCCHD appoint representatives to serve as directors of the Board of Health. Each member city with a population of 15,000 or greater appoints one director and the Commissioners Court appoints two directors. Member cities with a population of less than 15,000 appoint one director to represent them collectively. Board directors serve without compensation for staggered three-year terms. The WCCHD Executive Director is an ex-officio non-voting participant of the Board. Board meetings are held every two months and are open to the public. 

Marlene McMichael WCCHD Board Chair Marlene McMichael
Williamson County
Appointed: Nov. 2016
Term Expires: Dec. 2022
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EdStrout2016WCCHD Board Vice-Chair Edward Strout,

City of Cedar Park

Appointed: Jan. 2016 
Term expires: Dec. 2021
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Mary Faith Sterk3WCCHD Board Secretary Mary Faith Sterk, 
City of Georgetown
Appointed: April 2015
Term Expires: Dec. 2022
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Joanne Land Joanne Land
Williamson County
Appointed: Oct. 2016
Term Expires: Dec. 2023
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Owens_Terrence2 Terrence Owens
Represents: City of Hutto
Appointed: March 2020
Term Expires: Dec. 2022
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Scott Parker Scott Parker
Represents: City of Leander and City of Liberty Hill
Appointed: March 2020
Term Expires: Dec. 2021
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Flores Cynthia Flores
City of Round Rock

Appointed: July 2019
Term Expires: Dec. 2021
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joan-maxfield Joan Maxfield
Represents: City of Taylor
Appointed: April 2019
Term Expires: Dec. 2023
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