Epidemiology and Emergency Preparedness

eprTRANS_1_Williamson County and Cities Health District has developed plans for an all hazards response to public health threats ranging from natural disasters, disease outbreaks, to deliberate acts of terrorism involving the use of biological agents. WCCHD has been developing and exercising response capabilities to these various public health threats since 2008.

Our staff maintains ongoing working relationships with first responders and public health agencies in neighboring jurisdictions and other government agencies. They participate in several committees that meet on a regular basis to plan and coordinate responses to public health emergencies.

Community Partnerships
Another vital function is the development of community partnerships with the private sector to enhance the ability to respond to large-scale events. 

Through these and countless other activities, WCCHD’s Emergency Response Program strives to ensure the health and safety of the citizens and visitors of the city.

Personal Emergency Preparedness

Would you be ready if there were an emergency?

We encourage all Williamson County residents to prepare for an emergency of ANY type. For information on how to sign up to receive Regional Emergency Notifications or to prepare an Emergency Kit, please see the links below.

WCCHD is continually building Williamson County’s capacity to respond to large-scale public health emergencies, including naturally occurring disease outbreaks, acts of bioterrorism, and natural disasters. We work cooperatively with the Texas State Department of Health, Williamson County Emergency Management, local police and fire departments, the Medical Reserve Corps and other entities.

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