Clinical Services

Williamson County and Cities Health District serve as an informational hub and safety net for those without insurance once the vaccine is widely available. We are sharing information provided to us by the State, along with contacting the local providers listed to share updates from them. At this time, WCCHD is not accepting names for sign-up lists. 


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wcchd Telehealth appointments 



Charges vary according to the service provided, however, services are not denied if unable to pay (except for STI/STD testing or pre-participation physicals). Some services require eligibility screening.

Pre-Register  Save time and register online before your appointment! 

Public Health Center services

  • Vaccinations: Providing vaccines for uninsured/underinsured children and uninsured adults. 
  • Flu shots: Providing flu vaccine for children and adults.
  • Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment: Tuberculosis (TB) skin tests must be read 48-72 hours after administration, therefore, TB skin tests are done on Mondays and Tuesdays, by appointment only. Blood testing for tuberculosis is also available by appointment.
  • Pre-Participation Physicals: Providing pre-employment, foster care, sports, orchestra/band, camp and other pre-participation physicals by appointment only for children or adults. 
  • Tobacco Cessation: Get help with quitting all tobacco products; cigarettes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes.
  • Administrative: Copies of laboratory results, immunization records, etc. are available Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Call ahead for faster service.

Routine medical or emergency care is NOT provided at the health center sites. If you do not have health insurance and need help to find a primary care physician, please call the location closest to you. A parent or guardian must be present during a minor child's appointment.

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