COVID-19 Data Correction for Williamson County

November 11, 2020 – Through a recent quality assurance check of data import systems, WCCHD has identified approximately 600 confirmed and 800 probable cases dated between July and October that were unintentionally excluded in reporting for Williamson County. 

The unreported batch of cases will be dispersed by the actual dates reported to WCCHD on the dashboard and daily report graphs. The corrected numbers have changed from 10,011 confirmed cases reported on Nov. 9 to 10,676 confirmed cases reported for Nov. 10, and 189 probable cases reported on Nov. 9 to 1,023 probable cases reported for Nov. 10. Definitions of confirmed and probable cases can be found on the Department of State Health Services website. 

Additionally, based on WCCHD gating criteria, Williamson County has met the requirements to move to orange phase which indicates high community COVID-19 transmission. The rolling 7-day average for incidence rate (rate of new reported infections) has increased from 6.88 to 9.22 per 100,000 residents over the past seven days.  

The risk-based guidelines set out four distinct stages of risk, from the lowest threat, Green/Minimal Community Spread, through the most serious, Red/Uncontrolled Community Spread, along with recommended behaviors for each stage. The guidelines are suggested for planning but are not requirements. Local guidance may be superseded by an Executive Order of the Governor 

The newly added unreported cases do not affect the rolling seven-day average and the change to orange phase due to having occurred prior to the current rolling 7-day average. 

Effective today, WCCHD will be reporting the prior day’s data to allow for time to perform additional levels of quality assurance checks. 

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